About Us

Who are we ?

The First Friday Club of Greater Akron (FFCGA) was founded in Akron, Ohio, in August, 1999. Its purpose is to bring the best Catholic thinkers, teachers, and leaders to Akron on a monthly basis to promote a better understanding of the significant issues impacting church, family, work, and community life. The luncheon series is in its eleventh year and consistently draws an average of 200 to 250 people from Summit County and surrounding counties. It is also intended to be a community service and all interested in the topics are invited to attend.

What we do ?

The First Friday Club of Greater Akron, through a monthly luncheon speaker series, provides a broad base of knowledge of Catholic thought and teachings on the spiritual, theological, moral, and social issues of our time. We offer an opportunity for the Catholic community and guests to integrate the principles of our faith into everyday life and work. (Mission Statement). For further information, please call 330.535.7668.

What They're Saying...

"A great opportunity to hear an intellectually stimulating and informative talk by a well qualified speaker and to share a meal with friends and new acquaintances of the Catholic community."

"Great speakers....always come away with one or more usable concepts."

"Expand my thinking of modern Catholicism."

"Practical application of spirituality in everyday life."